The Rogue Suitcase Challenge

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Registration for The Suitcase Challenge is now open!

Max weight held a minimum of 30 seconds, one barbell in each hand. Athletes with the heaviest total load between both barbells will win the contest.

1. Register at
2. Complete the challenge between July 16-19, in any location you wish
3. Submit your score and video of your performance using ROpost and the @btwbapp

A $10 entry fee gets you into the competition; $30 gets you entry + an official Rogue Challenge t-shirt. Also be sure to use and tag @roguefitness to share your experience!

Sboarder1964 Acum 2 luni
These challenges are so inaccessible. Even though the bar and plates state the weight, I need to have a scale in the gym to double verify. And no center knurling (which is the international standard...), so must buy Rogue bars. Oh, and you need a big gym timer.
Matthew Meyer
Matthew Meyer Acum 2 luni
@Sboarder1964 I also think titan fitness has barbells that have no center knurl aswell
Matthew Meyer
Matthew Meyer Acum 2 luni
@Sboarder1964 You have someone record you while you use your phone as a timer. And yes like i just said, find some with no center knurl. Go to a gym if you have too. Or buy a rusted used one.
Sboarder1964 Acum 2 luni
@Matthew Meyer you need two barbells without center knurling. How do I use my phone both to record and as a timer?
Matthew Meyer
Matthew Meyer Acum 2 luni
Use phone as timer. Find a bar the has no center knurl. Get a cheap weigh machine. Mine was about 20$ and worked fine.
WALLIperformance Acum 2 luni
Does anyone know how much the flow/order of following instructions weigh into winning the competition?
Lars Mothander
Lars Mothander Acum 2 luni
Does the weight have to start from the ground? I'd set the barbells up on a few boxes that were almost level with the height I'd do the hold with and slide them off. This eliminates the "deadlift" portion.
Micky Richards
Micky Richards Acum 2 luni
150lb deadlift would take some energy out of me but I could still hold it for a bit. maybe not 30 seconds at my current level of strength
Taqiy A.B
Taqiy A.B Acum 2 luni
the dealdift portion will be insignificant compared to the actual hold. Im sure your max deadlift is far greater than the combined weight of your hold
Gary Snow
Gary Snow Acum 2 luni
They're weighing things but what the hell does it have to do with a suitcase?
Micky Richards
Micky Richards Acum 2 luni
when a dad goes on vacation and has to carry the heavy suitcases to the room
M. Hall
M. Hall Acum 2 luni
A farmer’s deadlift a with barbell is called a suitcase or Goerner deadlift. A farmer’s walk with barbells held in the middle is called a Georner stroll.
Jerold Spurgin
Jerold Spurgin Acum 2 luni
Suitcase Deadlift, dyel?
Tommy Acum 2 luni
Not sure but a suitcase carry is like a farmers walk with only one hand. Kind of is like a business person carrying a suitcase/briefcase to work.
Juicy Jim
Juicy Jim Acum 2 luni
What da dog doin?
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