Annie Thorisdottir: 13 Years Strong

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Iceland's Annie Thorisdottir has been a part of the CrossFit Games for as long as Rogue, making her debut in 2009, and going on to become the first back-to-back Fittest Woman on Earth in 2011 and 2012.

Always among the most popular athletes in the sport, Annie has remained a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration to her fans and competitors, alike. After taking time off in 2020 to have her first child, an emotional comeback in 2021 culminated in a 11th Games appearance, writing a new chapter in a legendary career. As ever, Thorisdottir has showcased a second-to-none determination born from the gritty work ethic of her homeland.

To see more of Annie's career stats, bio, and favorite gear, check out her Rogue athlete page:

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Petrol 4x4 Club!
Petrol 4x4 Club! Acum lună
Great personality. Great mother. Amazing competitor who doubted herself but still came in 3rd worldwide in the games. Very inspiring person. Eventually she will retire too and join Fraser and many others but she will be crowned as the one of the most important pillars of crossfit.
Tanzir Ahmed
Tanzir Ahmed Acum lună
What an incredible athlete.
T hl
T hl Acum lună
A great role model within the sport. she’s truly one of the legends.
Andrew Davison
Andrew Davison Acum lună
Annie is one of the most beautiful woman ive ever seen and a heart like lion
Xosé Acum lună
True. The icelandic women are just gorgeous.
Antonio carlos moreira
Antonio carlos moreira Acum lună
coloquem a competição completa
Keith Hankins
Keith Hankins Acum lună
She's a neat lady. Great competitor.
A Dude
A Dude Acum lună
That’s a long career.
ramsay coronado
ramsay coronado Acum lună
Dale Doback
Dale Doback Acum lună
Cainen Gray
Cainen Gray Acum lună
Annie the heartthrob. Still kicking tsil
K Dhillon
K Dhillon Acum lună
Despite the amount of flack CrossFit gets, some deservedly so, I can't help but appreciate how cool the top tier of their athletes makes it look
William Acum lună
@Wild Bill Bill honestly I don't give two s****
Wild Bill
Wild Bill Acum lună
@Williamand the ubiquitous so you do better comment. As someone who has dabbled with weightlifting along with other sports this would look like me the first few months in of learning how to clean and snatch. No front rack, bar crash, etc. Or maybe I've just gotten spoiled to watching people like Kuo who are just technical masters and you don't see horrendous form.
William Acum lună
@Wild Bill then why don't you get out there and show us how it's done instead of talking s--t in the ROpost comment section.
Mr M
Mr M Acum lună
@Wild Bill usually it's the people who mention form who look like hammered dogshit though......
Wild Bill
Wild Bill Acum lună
Yes but even their elite athletes have garbage technique. Saw major bar crash, cleans not even in a proper front rack. Things like cleans, snatches, and deadlift are highly technical and doing it for time is a good way to get injured. Screw proper technique just go as fast as possible.
Glen Acum lună
Go for it Annie!
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