Full Live Stream | 2021 Iceland's Strongest Man - Day 1

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Rogue Fitness

Acum lună

Rogue’s exclusive Live Stream of the 2021 Iceland’s Strongest Man competition begins right here on Saturday, August 7, at 12:30 PM GMT / 8:30 AM EST, with complete coverage of all Day One events.

Thomas Kjørnes
Thomas Kjørnes Acum lună
Are you allowed to drop the bar in the deadlift in Iceland S.M?
Thomas Kjørnes
Thomas Kjørnes Acum lună
This was surprisingly entertaining. Good work by the comentators!
pwe pwe
pwe pwe Acum lună
they should edit this, what a fkn waste hours of dead air
Sílvio Francisconi
Sílvio Francisconi Acum lună
SilverBack Gorilla
SilverBack Gorilla Acum lună
Thank You Rogue for All Strongman Coverage.
Usman Salim
Usman Salim Acum lună
video and audio is in slow motion :((
Time Waster
Time Waster Acum lună
How are they so tan for being in an ice land
pwe pwe
pwe pwe Acum lună
TheLastScampi Acum lună
Isn't Martins Licis in Iceland right now? Would be awesome if Hafthor and Martin showed up to support the athletes.
TheLastScampi Acum lună
@pwe pwe What?
pwe pwe
pwe pwe Acum lună
nah, not all events you nees to be there
Nothing To See Here
Nothing To See Here Acum lună
Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson Acum lună
Rules or rules but going by yourself come on give guy break.
petr l
petr l Acum lună
What was the misunderstanding with the farmers handles about? Edit: OK, it was about staying in his lane
Marietta Corsini
Marietta Corsini Acum lună
Thanks so much for the coverage, it's very well done.
Adje Karel
Adje Karel Acum lună
Good stuff vrienden but the most used word is 'definitely' ... definitely put the link for the beard stuff plz
Brock Meade
Brock Meade Acum lună
Links definitely get taken down on ROpost comments but they should definitely put it in the description. Look up beard struggle.
зверь Το Κτηνος 1969
зверь Το Κτηνος 1969 Acum lună
Very Good old school contest in Beautiful Iceland .
Neal Johnson
Neal Johnson Acum lună
1:20:00 enhance...
Eisernes Kreuz
Eisernes Kreuz Acum lună
She's so fit
TwoBlackMarks Acum lună
Torfason, he is the son of Torfi Olafson? Cool, I remember him from the late 90s or early 2000s, when Scandinavia and the Nordic countries more or less dominated.
Cinnabunns Acum lună
I would have expected a much better show with Rogues name on it. Camera crew, and the commentating was terrible. Couldn’t finish it. Thanks Rogue.
Anthony Proffitt
Anthony Proffitt Acum lună
Predictable from a pampered Cinnabun.
Ab-Enn Thërrh
Ab-Enn Thërrh Acum lună
@Brock Meade can’t imagine what previous coverages were… i gave up under 2 hours. Horrible coverage.
TheLastScampi Acum lună
It was like this last year too. It's not a show designed to be broadcast. That's just a bonus for the rest of us. I guess it's an acquired taste. I love the raw format of it though.
Brock Meade
Brock Meade Acum lună
Best coverage of Iceland’s Strongest Man I’ve ever seen
Hi My name is Attila Bakk and I'm Bakk
Hi My name is Attila Bakk and I'm Bakk Acum lună
Theodore is Huge
Dunston Munson
Dunston Munson Acum lună
Thanks for posting super cool contest.
Martin Bradley
Martin Bradley Acum lună
Wow your filming the last deadlift thats for the event win and half way through the rep you pan to the crowd..... 👏
pwe pwe
pwe pwe Acum lună
stupid ryt
Rúnar Hrodi
Rúnar Hrodi Acum lună
@Dunston Munson ofc not. I have that title
Dunston Munson
Dunston Munson Acum lună
Yeah, not a candidate for worlds strongest camera man.
Augusto Martins
Augusto Martins Acum lună
Strongest Man Olympic Games!
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